WordPress theme authors play a pivotal role in the WordPress community. Generating more revenue per year ($232 million) than WordPress plugins ($70 million), the WordPress theme economy is a thriving marketplace that has grown more than 1,300 percent since 2010. Wouldn’t it be nice if these theme authors could get access to better data that drives them to produce better products for their users?

Previously WordPress theme authors had no good way to access user data on their WordPress product. While the WordPress.org repository and theme marketplaces provide metrics on items like downloads, installs, and sales, the given metrics on who is using your theme, where they are using it, and how they’re using it was virtually nonexistent up until now.

With a comprehensive analytics and usage trackage solution already on the market for WordPress plugin authors, Freemius recently announced that they’ve released a similar tool for WordPress themes.

According to Vova Feldman, CEO and Founder of Freemius, this product, called Freemius Insights, is aimed at allowing the whole ecosystem of WordPress developers to produce better products. With these new insights, theme authors can now make data-driven decisions that will ultimately drive the WordPress ecosphere forward.

An example of the new theme developer dashboard. Source: Freemius Blog

Taking less than two minutes to integrate into WordPress, Freemius Insights provides WordPress analytics on data such as the distribution of theme versions, PHP version among users, location, installation language, and more. See Freemius’ video below for an official introduction to the product, including how to properly integrate it into WordPress:

It’s very exciting to see products like Freemius Insights being developed that bridge the gap on data analysis and help move the WordPress community forward.

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For more on data-driven theme development, check out this upcoming webinar with Freemius on using a data-driven approach to create products that truly resonate with your customers and prospects.