Marketing is a numbers game mired in alphabet soup. We need to be able to measure ROI through MQLs, and SQLs.

It’s clear that data offers marketers a number of opportunities, giving them more of an understanding of their target audience. But it raises the question: is this laser-focus on data threatening to kill the creative thinking behind successful campaigns?

I believe it’s a balance of both. It’s the data that helps you enhance customer experience and understanding of the buyer’s journey, but it’s the creativity that builds the lasting relationships and brand loyalty.

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Fabio Torlini is Managing Director for WP Engine. Based in London’s Tech City, his main role is helping WP Engine launch their services into Europe. With over 15 years’ experience in the hosting and cloud industry, he has a thorough understanding of all aspects of IT B2B marketing, branding, PR, channel and management. Most notably in his career, Fabio helped build Rackspace to what it has become today – a leader in the cloud industry with revenues of $1.5 billion.