Scale and perform flawlessly.

Bring your vision to life with WP Engine powered by Amazon Web Services.


WP Engine is committed to being the catalyst for your wildest dreams on WordPress by combining proprietary technology with a modern tech stack. By leveraging best-in-class technologies like AWS, a public cloud platform that adds resiliency and speed to our digital experience platform, WP Engine delivers remarkable digital experiences for customers.

The most powerful cloud platform.

By choosing WP Engine to power your digital experience, you are taking advantage of one of the most popular and powerful cloud platforms available, AWS. With the right configuration and management, you can expect top-tier performance and the ability to handle almost any amount of website traffic that comes your way.


With AWS, users benefit from a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, the virtual backbone of


Using AWS tools and Elastic Load Balancing, websites and applications are able to scale up or down based on demand.


AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure and harden its infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures.

Enterprise-grade solutions on WordPress-optimized AWS architecture.

WP Engine offers a range of enterprise-grade, high resiliency, high availability solutions on WordPress-optimized AWS architecture. With AWS’ global data centers and multi-zone redundancy across all traffic-serving layers, customers benefit from the best uptime protection and risk mitigation with the elimination of single points of failure — all on the WordPress digital experience platform.

The right cloud solution for your digital experience.

Because AWS is essentially a self-service offering, taking advantage of it through a WP Engine account plan means it’s managed for our customers by our engineers. When a custom, dedicated plan is established, account managers recommend the cloud platform that best suits a customer’s website(s).

World-class WordPress expertise.

WP Engine provides world-class WordPress expertise, including award-winning, 24/7 support from our WordPress experts, an R&D organization that’s constantly working to optimize integrations across the martech stack with tools like the Amazon Polly plugin for WordPress, which was co-authored by WP Engine and AWS.

Continual WordPress innovation.

WP Engine is focused on continual innovation for WordPress, including tools built for additional intelligence, development tools for faster deployment, and, with the recent acquisition of StudioPress and its Genesis framework, themes that help WordPress site owners create beautiful digital experiences that help them differentiate their businesses online.

Added value to WordPress through AWS.

When customers power their WP Engine platform with AWS, they’re gaining the ability to deliver digital experiences with our highest levels of speed, scale, and high-availability. More than 85,000 customers trust WP Engine to power 500,000+ digital experiences at the speed and scale required to meet the needs of today’s empowered consumer—those who rely on AWS make up the top tier of that list.

Security on all fronts.

AWS offers security for its cloud infrastructure, but not the additional WordPress-specific security measures that WP Engine puts in place. These measures were recently boosted with the world’s first Global Edge Security solution for WordPress which includes  Cloudflare’s managed web application firewall (WAF), advanced distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation, SSL/TLS encryption, and CDN across a global edge network spanning more than 70 countries to deliver secure, scalable digital experiences on WordPress.

WP Engine: WordPress expertise with AWS competency.

At WP Engine, our WordPress expertise is renowned, and our cloud engineers are AWS-certified, which means customers not only have access to experts in WordPress sites they also benefit from a managed AWS experience that optimizes the AWS offering for maximum speed and scalability.

Rather than try and deploy a WordPress site on AWS by themselves, or with a full-time employee who’s time (or salary) is better spent elsewhere, relying on WP Engine for WordPress expertise and AWS management is usually a customer’s most attractive option.

The dynamic duo.

WP Engine and AWS bring you top-of-the-line performance by combining unmatched reliability, future-proof scalability, and impenetrable security.