Delivering A Slam Dunk Experience On WordPress

The Dallas Mavericks (also known as the Mavs) originally built their site on Drupal as part of the NBA’s templatized sites. But back in the summer of 2013, they decided to break away from the standard template and go for a solution that offered better flexibility in front-end design. That solution was WordPress.

“We wanted to be the first NBA team website that was fully responsive across all platforms,” said Arya Ahmadi, Managing Editor of

Apart from the challenge of doing something that had never been done with an NBA website before, the Mavs needed a solution that would deliver upon their needs to scale during high traffic influxes.

In this case study, read about how the Mavs were able to accomplish building a responsive solution on WordPress, as well as deliver 100 percent site uptime over the past year.

“Moving to WordPress has given us the flexibility to install plugins that directly solve a lot of the problems our team has faced in front-end development. The platform is one of the most popular CMS’s in the market for good reason.” — Arya Ahmadi

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