Taking the Holiday Leap with WP Engine: A Q&A with iFly

iFLY is a sports and recreation company that delivers the dream of flight. The company, which opened its first wind tunnel in 1998, pioneered the body flying experience and is the world leader in vertical wind tunnel technology.

With more than 80 locations worldwide, iFly has become wildly popular, and the holiday rush— beginning around Black Friday and running through the end of the year— is a particularly busy time for the company’s website. Reservations, gift purchases, and a massive uptick in site traffic have made this iFly’s busiest time of the year, and the company’s digital team has had to make adjustments in recent years to keep up with the high traffic and demand.

To find out more about how the company handles the holiday rush, as well as the relationship they’ve built with WP Engine, we sat down with iFly’s Director of Digital Experience, Max Solodky, to dive in a little deeper. Check out the full Q&A to find out more.

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