WP Engine Hosting Plans and Add-ons

The WP Engine User Portal enables users to make many adjustments to their plans. This page will guide you in which changes are possible as “self-serve” options in the User Portal, and what to do if the action you want to take is not available “self-serve.”

Access “Modify Plan” Page

If you wish to upgrade your Startup, Growth or Scale plan tier, this can be done in your User Portal.

  1. Log in to the User Portal
  2. Expand Billing
  3. Click Modify plan

From here, you can select to upgrade, add additional sites or add-ons, and complete your order when you are ready. You will receive an invoice via email which will also be available in your Billing page when the order has finished processing.

Please Note: Upon agreeing to the Terms of Service, your next bill may include:

  • Prorated credit (current plan) up to the end of the billing cycle
  • Prorated charge (new plan) up to the end of the billing cycle
  • Charge for your new plan’s next billing cycle

If you are not able to change your plan on this page, or wish to downgrade, please send an email to [email protected] so they can process your request. Please include the following information in your email to our Billing team:

  • Name
  • Email address for User Portal
  • Support PIN (only users with Billing access may request this change)
  • Preferred plan
  • Recurrence (annual or month-to-month)

If you are unsure of which plan is right for your needs, please reach out to us via chat at the bottom of our plans page, and we are able to help size your needs to the right plan.

Change Plan Recurrence

If you want to change from Annual to Monthly, or Monthly to Annual billing recurrence, please send an email to [email protected] so they can make this change for you. Please include your name, email address for User Portal, and Support PIN (only users with Billing access may request this change).

Purchase Add-Ons

Every plan includes by default CDN, Genesis Framework, 30+ StudioPress themes, SSL certificates, and Page Performance. In order to help you run your business as easily as possible, we now offer the ability to self-serve many of our add-ons through the User Portal on the Billing > Modify Plan page. The add-ons you can enable for your account vary by plan type.

Startup plans can self-serve plan add-ons for additional sites, storage, Smart Plugin Manager, Global Edge Security, and GeoTarget. Multisite and Application Performance Monitoring are not available for Startup level plans.

Growth or Scale plan can self-serve plan add-ons for additional sites, storage, multisite, Smart Plugin Manager, Global Edge Security, and GeoTarget. Application Performance Monitoring is not available for Growth or Scale level plans.

Dedicated and Enterprise hosting accounts include multisite and GeoTarget, and have no site limit. These plans have the ability to self-serve plan add-ons for storage and Smart Plugin Manager. A migration is not required to upgrade storage, but be aware that if you have already purchased additional storage and wish to downgrade later, a migration may be required at that time. Application Performance Monitoring can only be purchased by speaking with your Account Manager.

Enable Add-ons

Once you’ve purchased add-ons, you will need to enable the feature to use it. Use the following guides to learn how to enable and setup each add-on item:

If you have purchased additional Sites or Storage for your WP Engine plan, your User Portal is automatically aware of the new limit and nothing additional needs to be done after purchase.

Remove Add-Ons

If you wish to remove add-ons from your plan, there are some manual steps for this. First, ensure the add-on has been disabled, then reach out to our Support team by opening a chat in your User Portal (available 24/7) so they can confirm proper removal. Once it has been removed, Support will pass the request to our Billing team to confirm removal from billing.

Remove Additional Sites

If you added additional sites to your Startup, Growth, or Scale plan on signup, removing them from your plan will first require deleting the site(s).

For a complete guide to deleting sites, see our Environments article.

Once you have removed the Site(s), please email [email protected] to request a plan change. Please include your name and Support PIN.

Remove Multisite

Before the Multisite add-on can be removed from your plan, any sites or environments which are currently Multisites will need to be converted to standard WordPress environments. Please be aware that this process involves removing any existing subsites from the Multisite network, which is a destructive action. We highly encourage taking a backup of your Multisites.

Learn how to convert to a single site.

Remove GeoTarget

GeoTarget is a feature that is enabled on our platform manually, in conjunction with the GeoTarget WordPress plugin. To remove GeoTarget, we first suggest taking backups of your environments in the User Portal.

  • First, deactivate and remove the GeoTarget plugin from your WordPress Admin dashboard for each WordPress environment with the plugin installed.
  • Second, reach out to our Support team via 24/7 live chat in your User Portal and request to disable GeoTarget for any environments it was initially enabled on.
  • Last, let our Support team know you wish to remove GeoTarget from your plan and billing. Our Support team will gather your name, Support PIN, and preferred billing recurrence (monthly or annual) and create a removal request for our Billing team to process.

If you ever encounter questions, concerns, or issues when enabling an add-on you have purchased, please reach out to WP Engine Support, available via 24/7 live chat in your User Portal.

Need more Sites?

Each Site includes Development, Staging, and Production environments. Get more Sites for your account as an add-on without upgrading your whole hosting plan.