WP-CLI is a command line interface which allows the users to manage their WordPress websites from the command prompt. This gives WordPress developers a command line alternative to the traditional WordPress admin interface. WP-CLI has the capability to turn mundane developer work into efficient tasks. Ultimately, this means developers can work on less tedious, more enjoyable projects.

Join Jose De La Rosa, Level 2 Customer Support Technician and Scott Amerman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at WP Engine as they lift the hood on WP-CLI in this free webinar. You’ll learn some fundamental things about WP-CLI including what it is, who it’s suited for, and information about tools to start using it.

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Some things you’ll learn:

  • What WP-CLI is
  • How SSH Gateway effects WP Engine customers
  • How to get started with WP-CLI
  • Tips for productivity when using WP-CLI
  • And more!

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