How to Integrate BigCommerce with WordPress

BigCommerce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) for hosting robust, fully-equipped ecommerce stores online. It’s a comprehensive solution for most or all of your sales channels, enabling you to manage Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Pinterest stores, all from one location. BigCommerce offers solutions for fast-growing newer brands, with a focus on scalability and marketing, as well as advanced enterprise software for large brands.

In this article, we will first explain why you might choose either BigCommerce or WordPress for your ecommerce store. Then, we will discuss how they can be used in tandem. Finally, we will talk about the history of BigCommerce and WordPress integration, and look at what is possible today through plugins and themes.

BigCommerce or WordPress for eCommerce?

BigCommerce and WordPress are completely different solutions for eCommerce websites. The platform that will work best for you depends on your unique needs and goals.

BigCommerce for eCommerce

If you are looking to build a large ecommerce store that relies on plenty of external marketing, such as online ads and celebrity endorsements, BigCommerce is more likely to be suitable for you. This solution is built to handle large, complex ecommerce sites without missing a beat, even when your brand hits a rapid growth spurt. However, it lacks some of the flexibility found in solutions such as WordPress.

WordPress for eCommerce

On the other hand, if you are interested in building an ecommerce site on the back of a blog or other content marketing, WordPress may be the better choice. WordPress is a powerhouse when it comes to content publishing and promotion, and if you want to create an income stream by making online sales, free plugins like WooCommerce makes it relatively easy. It is important to note, however, that WordPress is a content publishing platform first, and an ecommerce solution second. You will need secondary tools to create an online store using WordPress (such as WooCommerce).

To summarize, BigCommerce is a solution for those focused on growing a mammoth ecommerce brand. WordPress is a better answer for those interested in attracting a dedicated audience, where ecommerce is a supporting branch of the business.

BigCommerce and WordPress

Fortunately you can now combine BigCommerce and WordPress and get the best of both. You can find the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin in the WordPress plugin repository.

This gives you the advantage of years of experience in ecommerce coming from BigCommerce with the power and flexibility of WordPress to feature your products and your handcrafted website content.

Benefits of Using BigCommerce With WordPress

Having your BigCommerce products listed directly on your main website allows you to do some really great content management around your products. For example, when you release a new product you can create a custom Landing Page for that one product and really hype it.

You can also do blog posts about your products, and easily drop product listings in mid-post to encourage your readers to go buy what you’re blogging about.

Your SEO will also go through the roof by having your site content and your products on the same URL. Additionally your stats will be much simpler to track because all of your traffic will be on one site.

Beyond the general benefits of having your store be part of your site, there are also the benefits of using two of the very best tools in the world in conjunction. WordPress is simply the best at what it does. BigCommerce also excels at what it does. Merged seamlessly together they turn your site into a selling powerhouse.

BigCommerce WordPress Plugin

As mentioned above, you can find the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin in the WordPress plugin repository. It’s under active development, so new features will be available on a regular basis. Integrating the two platforms is as easy as installing the WordPress plugin and following the setup wizard.

BigCommerce WordPress Themes

BigCommerce for WordPress is compatible with all modern WordPress themes. It has excellent support for the WordPress Customizer which allows you to adjust colors and fonts and make the BigCommerce content fit the rest of your site design.

The BigCommerce WordPress plugin also follows the WordPress standard for template overrides, and comes with dozens of file parts to allow for easily manipulation of product layout.

Lastly, the BigCommerce WordPress plugin is fully Gutenberg compatible and comes with an extremely flexible Gutenberg block of its own.

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