The holiday shopping frenzy reached all-time peaks this season and wasn’t all by foot traffic. Rather than dealing with the chaos of shopping malls, many opted for the comfort of online shopping.

For the first time ever, shoppers spent more than $1 billion using their phones and tablets on Black Friday, a 33 percent increase from last year. According to a report by Adobe, mobile drove the majority of visits to retail websites on this year’s Black Friday at 55 percent (45 percent came from smartphones, 10 percent from tablets) while accounting for 36 percent of total online sales.

It’s obvious that mobile matters and is becoming increasingly important in ecommerce. In fact, Adobe reported retailers that invested in optimizing mobile on average saw 30 percent more sales and 25 percent higher average order values.

If you didn’t reach the sales you were aiming for during Black Friday through Cyber Monday, one affecting factor could be shopping cart abandonment, a direct result of a complicated checkout process due to unoptimized mobile.

To help combat the causes of shopping cart abandonment and increase mobile sales, read on to learn about why you should consider one-tap payments for mobile.

One-tap payments for mobile

WP Engine Unveils One-Tap Payments on World's Largest E-Commerce Platform
How painful is it to manually punch in every single digit of your credit card on your cell phone or tablet at checkout? The frustration is apparent to many; according to Google, conversion rates on mobile sites remain only 33 percent of that on desktops, largely due to the fact that there is no one-tap checkout feature.

To help accelerate the checkout process (and maybe encourage an impulse purchase), consider investing in one-tap payments. By incorporating one-tap payments into your mobile ecommerce store, you’ll increase the odds of a customer completing a purchase…or else the customer might wait to complete the purchase on the easier to type on computer…or forget about it altogether.

To dramatically simplify and speed up the checkout process, WP Engine now offers one-tap payments on its ecommerce plan. Find out more…

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