With the massive shift to a remote work model in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, leaders at organizations of all sizes face a litany of new challenges that require bold action to overcome. 

Communicating effectively across the organization, continuing business momentum and growth, and nurturing a strong, inclusive companywide culture are just a few of the things made decidedly more difficult by the disruption and distance the current crisis has caused.  

Moving forward, business leaders will have important decisions to make as parts of their organizations speed up, slow down, and the current remote working model evolves. Most importantly, they will have to decide how to approach the new normal we now live in, especially in the months ahead. 

Balance will be key here, especially as business leaders continue working hard to inspire and motivate their teams. Embracing available technology will pave the way forward, as businesses learn to stay connected and continue to stoke their cultural flame, using the best tools at their disposal.  

Keeping it all going at once? That’s the real challenge, and if you’re a business leader today—at any size business, in any industry—Quantified Communications’ upcoming virtual panel discussion Best Practices for Leading Company Culture in a Digital World will provide you with helpful insights you can use to keep your company moving forward, with confidence, even in this uncertain time. 

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Join us on May 22, at 2:00 P.M. EST as WP Engine CEO Heather Brunner, Sailpoint CEO Mark McClain, and Director of the Center for Leadership & Ethics at The University of Texas at Austin Ethan Burris, Ph.D., will be joined by Quantified Communications CEO Noah Zandan to discuss: 

  • Building trust and confidence while communicating 100% remotely
  • Driving business forward and maintaining a strong culture during separation
  • Communicating effectively over video and other channels to be clear, consistent and authentic 
  • Creating inclusive cultures in times of disruption in a digital world
  • Leveraging a new set of blended communication styles that are better than we’ve ever had before 

The webinar will also dive into what the panelists have learned during the current crisis and ways they’ve stretched in their roles as executive leaders during this time. Additionally, they’ll discuss the different ways they’ve used technology and communication strategies since shifting to a remote working model, as well as tips and best practices for the road ahead. That’s just a sample of what this upcoming panel discussion will have in store. Make sure and register today!

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